1. {{MY FRIENDS! I’m seriously so excited for school to start!!!}} #ccbcfall14 (at Sonic Drive-In of Murrieta, CA 6014)

  2. {{dream van}} #technicolor14 (at Riverwalk Duck Pond)

  3. {{copious amounts of thunder & lightening & the loudest rain EVER happened from 1am & is still happening RIGHT NOW. In all little sleep was had soooo I’m having copious amounts of coffee. @jasminevaca get ready, cause @maddietheexplorer & are gettin you lady!!}} #technicolor14 #copious (at Murrieta, California)

  5. flyartproductions:

    I want Saudi money, I want art money

    The Orange Blind (1928), Francis Cadell / Dreams Money Can Buy, Drake

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  8. {{F a m i l y // yes, I was one of those kids on a leash. Yes, this most likely explains why I have tendencies of a golden retriever // good, good, good. // love you Luis!}} #90sKid


  9. "Wait. You should let me love you."
    — Story of my life
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  11. {{yea, @ccbcmurrieta is right behind my house & there’s only 6 more days till school // I’m so excited!!}} #ccbcfall14 (at Calvary Chapel Bible College)

  12. {{we seriously went to the ends of the earth for this}} #technicolor14 (at Stagecoach Inn)

  13. {{Lola Christmas Kitty // oh how I have missed my kitten. I’m so glad to be back}} #technicolor14 (at Murrieta, California)

  14. {{beacon of hope}} #technicolor14 (at In-N-Out Burger - West Covina (Garvey))

  15. {{N e w G i r l}} #dtla (at Downtown LA)