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#technicolor14 // #ccbcfall14

{{I took this a few nights ago while I was on a walk around here at my lovely school. // it still blows my mind that I get to live in such a lovely place}} #ccbcfall14

Don’t Panic.

Douglas AdamsThe Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (via feellng)

{{scarf weather is coming in SoCal}} #yasss #ccbcfall14 #casual (at City Of Temecula, CA)

///1960s band bb///

{{I love Sunday’s nights.}} #ccbcfall14

{{I’ve got a thing for #bellsleeves}} #ootd #ccbcfall14 #1960

{{breakfast with Maddie Explorer}} #tsbweekend #technicolor14 (at Lake Harveston Clubhouse)

{{classic comfy in my bed movie moments}} #tsbweekend #classic #mpdg

/// I’m really missing home tonight. like a lot. I miss being around people who seemed to actually know me and care about me. The people who would include me in on things. The people who actually enjoyed being in my presence. my friends. I miss my home where everyone knows my name. I miss familiarity. I miss being around people who don’t think that I’m a mean person when I’m quite and that understand that when I’m silent, its because I’m content. The ones who laugh with me when I’m not even trying to be funny. There are these moments here that make me realize why some people don’t like Christians… we become exclusive and up tight, judgmental, easily offended, and rude…I myself can not even handle that and I proclaim to be one. A follower of Christ. But it reminds me of how I will never be like that… its not what Jesus would do, and the last time I checked He wanted us to be like Him and not some obnoxious, unapproachable human.
I refuse to ever be like that. ///

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